Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Teach Me Equals and RedRumsey (Unwound, Long Hind Legs) Announce Tour

Teach Me Equals (formerly Bard & Mustache) and RedRumsey (Vern Rumsey of Unwound, Long Hind Legs) will be hitting the west coast for an 18-date joint tour this September. And oh what a celebration it will be: Vern Rumsey last toured over a decade ago.

In 2002 following the split of Unwound, Rumsey effectively retired and quit making music. Over 10 years later, he found himself returning to his massive back catalog of work. It was the key to starting a new chapter in an already impressive career, one defined by his bass and guitar work in the aforementioned Unwound as well as Long Hind Legs, Fitz of Depression, Witchypoo, and Blonde Redhead.

Greg Bortnichak of Teach Me Equals describes the RedRumsey sound:
"Red Rumsey is the sound of skeletons speaking through their bones in a code only the pure of heart can decipher. The music is an unadorned homage to the gilded poetic hue of claustrophobia. Unassailable grooves built around Rumsey's signature spindly guitar and bass work, wound tight as a wedding ring on the secrets imbued by his compellingly hushed, and loaded, vocals. This is an entirely new species of thoughtful bedroom punk -one that dreams not of the spotlight, but of seeing for itself the halo that it knows has been hanging over its head all along... The same halo that follows any angel whenever it weeps in private -the kind that illuminates things no one could ever explain, but you just instinctively understand."
Teach Me Equals just recently, successfully, completed a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of their first official debut album, Knives In the Hope Chest. I've heard demos, unmixed recordings, and lots more over the past few years as Greg (cello, vocals) and Erin Murphy (guitar, violin, vocals) have pretty much lived for the sole purpose of crafting these songs and sharing them with the world. It's been an incredible journey, and something that we'll undoubtedly be able to play witness to while experiencing the finished product.

See below for the Teach Me Equals & RedRumsey September 2014 tour itinerary and stay tuned to both and for updates on specific show details. You can also hear and download a brand new RedRumsey song entitled "Big House" here.

Teach Me Equals & RedRumsey Fall 2014 Tour Dates

9/2 -Portland, OR
9/3 -Olympia, WA
9/5 -Seattle, WA
9/6 -Medford, OR
9/7 -Eureka, CA
9/9 -Chico, CA
9/10 -Reno, NV
9/11 -Sacramento, CA
9/12 -Berkley, CA
9/13 -Oakland, CA
9/14 -Fresno, CA
9/16 -Los Angeles, CA
9/18 -San Diego, CA
9/19 -Tucson, AZ
9/20 -Phoenix, AZ
9/21 -Las Vegas, NV
9/22 -Flagstaff, AZ
9/24 -Albuquerque, NM

If they're coming to your town, you don't want to miss it. Any Teach Me Equals tour I've caught has been both intimate and intense, a raw display of emotion and storm of passion. One might say they're more experiences than they are shows. You'd be hard pressed to find something to better illustrate the riches of following your heart, living honestly, and sharing your soul.

NOTE: If you would like to host this bill in your town or city, please direct all inquiries to: If you are in a band and would like to play with Vern and TME along the way, please don't hesitate to send a message to the above contact as well.

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