Monday, May 19, 2014

LISTEN: Campo - "Heartbreaks" (Remix) & More

To show you just how behind I am, this post is about a song I heard in my car driving back from the bar a few weeks ago. Yes, I heard it there and thought, "Oh man, I have to break this stretch of not posting and do at least a quick write-up on this song." Sadly, I'm just getting to it now.

But you're not here to read about my life, you're here to, I would assume, put some fresh jams in your ears. Enter Uruguay's Campo with their self-described "subtropical music," a mix of "british indie pop, electro, rock and tango." That fateful Friday night a few weeks ago is when my ears met Campo's remix of their own original track "Heartbreaks." This reinvented version is from the group's recently released remix and rarities EP Remixes & Rarezas and is a lively mix of latin pop and salsa that makes for the best kind of summer soundtrack. It's electric, smooth, infectious, soulful and entirely organic. If you can't let this rhythm shake your skeleton, I guess I don't know what will invigorate that winter chill bitten body of yours.

Dig that? Hear the whole EP below.

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