Thursday, January 17, 2013

LISTEN: The Resonars - "A City Out of Reach"

A great many bands in the '60s flirted with the loose, experimental freedom of psychedelia, which more often than not sounded like a lens for their sound rather than a deeply rooted influence. For those band's of the era that skirted the periphery of psych, the music ended up having a sort of understated freedom without drifting too far off into the ether. Take for example a band like Tucson's The Resonars, who possess the aforementioned feel, but wrap it all in the tight, charming pep of power pop -- somewhere between Big Star and 13th Floor Elevators. Though, it seems worthy of noting that this is a modern day band, so don't fret if you're looking to catch them live or happen to be hoping for new music.

As you may have deduced, "A City Out of Reach" comes from The Resonars' latest album, Crummy Desert Sound, out now on Burger Records.

The Resonars
Burger Records

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