Tuesday, October 02, 2012

LISTEN: Technicolor Teeth - "Station Wagon"

When things are on the brink of chaos, there's a certain anxiety-induced excitement that's hard to initially identify as something favorable and enjoyable. It's that tension that builds between a sense of security and that nagging sense of fear which only releases when you learn to let go, kissing away apprehension. Often, it's the fear that binds us to a life of complacency, but when we let ourselves take even the slightest risk, the possibilities seem endless; the impossible is always an option.  

And so, with a gargle of fuzz-outed electric guitars, shoegazey abandon, and the ethos of early '90s guitar-driven rock 'n' roll, Technicolor Teeth's "Station Wagon" embodies that explosive jubilation that lies on the thin line between wild and tamed.

"Station Wagon" is from Technicolor Teeth's debut album, Teenage Pagans, out December 3rd via Stroll On Records.


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