Friday, October 05, 2012

LISTEN: From Safety to Where - "Only Now"

I remember being in high school when I discovered indie rock for the first time. I started listening to all these bands that challenged my perception of pop music, bands that opened my ears and mind to the hook that lied in emotional resonance, in attitude, past the veneer of pop melodies. It was the kind of sound that showed me how visceral music could truly be, creating connections that were rooted deep inside my heart and soul; I didn't know any of these musicians at a personal level, but it felt like they knew me -- and I guess, I sort of knew them in the same way. One of the songs that's always stuck with me is "Only Now," a sprightly jab of post-punk perfection from South Carolina trio From Safety To Where. Check it out below.

LISTEN: From Safety To Where - "Only Now" (via Epitonic)

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