Monday, October 22, 2012

LISTEN: fjords ii - "Seabear"

MP3: fjords ii - "Seabear"

Parallels divide at some point in time, because, eventually, every road narrows. Expecting that one path will be straight until the end only leaves room for missed opportunities as you move along. And it's hard to find excitement with a lack of contrast. Appreciation for what you have -- and where you are -- never comes without a chance to see the other side of things, to miss what you've come to know.

This Munich duo of Eduard Demacek (electric ukulele/vocals/drum machine) and Alex Strazdins (guitar/vocals/midi programming/bass) have a vision bigger than their core, one that extends to the horizon dividing the silhouette of the land and the brilliant ocean of twilight that hangs overhead. They've taken to labeling their sound as "experimental tropical math rock," which certainly captures the dynamic range of styles they manage to mix together.

fjords ii
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