Tuesday, September 25, 2012

R.I.P. "What's Your Muse?"

Well, for something that started as a silly little idea way back in 2010 "What's Your Muse?" winded up becoming something I was really proud of, something that ended being more than I thought it could be. I can honestly say that receiving submissions from artists I respected and enjoyed meant the world to me and it sometimes felt like a dream. Being able to watch these talented folks talk openly about music that held such significance for them provided me with some of the most genuinely moving moments of my life.

"What's Your Muse?" was originally just supposed to feature a short video of an artist or band describing a song that meant a lot, or the most, to them and why. I was simply excited at the prospect of getting a little insight into what inspires some of the music that caught my ears. Then, a few installments into the series, Jules (aka Sea of Bees) went the distance and actually covered her selection. I was utterly amazed and so grateful. Subsequent submissions featured performances as well from the likes of Cheyenne Marie Mize, Bravestation, Bard & Mustache, and more.

Unfortunately, "What's Your Muse?" fell by the wayside last year. I began working full-time as an intern and soon after was hired, taking on more responsibilities -- I guess I'm in the "real world" now. Naturally, a busy schedule at work has consequently affected the upkeep and consistency of content on Mixtape Muse this past year. I've attempted to garner new submissions, but most have fallen through. So, it only seems appropriate to lay it to rest. And in retrospect, it's a lot to ask a musician, especially an entire band, to take time away from a very busy schedule to record a video and then send it off. My deepest thanks to all who contributed as well as the publicists who often helped make these submissions happen. Check out all 13 installments of "What's Your Muse?" below or here.

Thank you so much.

NOTE: Mixtape Muse has no part in filming these videos unless noted otherwise. The artists/bands featured in the videos below were responsible for the creation/filming of their own videos.

MARCH 2012: Cats In the Basement

FEBRUARY 2012: Bard & Mustache

JANUARY 2012: Ghost Pal

MAY 2011: Matt Bauer

DECEMBER 2010: Yellow Ostrich

NOVEMBER 2010: Bravestation

OCTOBER 2010: Cheyenne Marie Mize

SEPTEMBER 2010: Archeology

AUGUST 2010: Sea of Bees

JULY 2010: Daniel Balk of The Postelles

JUNE 2010: Bobby Burg (Love of Everything, Joan of Arc)

MAY 2010: Todd Goldstein (ARMS, ex-Harlem Shakes)

APRIL 2010: Jamie Kent

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