Tuesday, September 04, 2012

LISTEN: The Shamefaced Sparrows - "Ride That Seastorm!"

The Shamefaced Sparrows - "Ride That Seastorm!"

When your father is Link Wray and your mother is a Frech Ye-Ye girl, you have a lot going for you. Imagine the melodic hypnotism of yé-yé thrown into a vat of scuzzy garage rock, and, after simmering for some time, you'll come up with something along the lines of The Shamefaced Sparrows. With hints of surf rock cool, their sound is filled with enough instrumental and lyrical melodicism to avoid drowning in a sea of fuzz. It plays out like a film noir, with mystery -- or better yet gloom -- hanging around like a dense fog as our main character tries to keep some semblance of himself. Everything that's good and safe seems worth risking for the temptation of what lies beyond that corrupt, ignominious decision. No one said the ride would be easy, but that's why it's worth it all.

The Shamefaced Sparrows are a duo out of London. More on SoundCloud.

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Wicked cool