Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LISTEN: Sudakistan - "El Movimiento (Teenhäze Edit)"

Sudakistan- "El Movimiento (Teenhäze Edit)"

WHAT ARE THEY SAYING? Actually it doesn't really matter (and I haven't studied Spanish since sophomore year of college), but no matter as it's really all about the danceable blast of wild psychedelic garage rock heat that doesn't let up over a short but effective two minutes and 51 seconds. Imagine if latino pop fell into a rough crowd, a rough crowd by the name of Garage Rock, which just so happened to be a gang that dabbled in the free, somewhat frenzied spirit of psych rock. That'll give you an idea of Stockholm's Sudakistan and the beautifully loud "El Movimiento (Teenhäze Edit)." Sometimes the best things in life are brought to us by volume, mounds of dirty distortion, and more volume.


Cheers, Luke // PNKSLM.

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