Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LISTEN: Shocking Blue - "Send Me A Postcard"

Dutch rock band Shocking Blue is probably better remembered in America for their big 1969 hit "Venus," because Americans are often all about one song with great bands. It became particularly big after English pop group Bananarama covered the track, a cover which happened to accompany a Gillette Venus razor commercial (clever). And if you happened to own a Korg keyboard in the early '90s like me, then you probably remember it serving as the demo song that played when you pressed a little yellow button -- granted it was more of a midi file. I'm hoping this isn't the legacy of Shocking Blue in America, because, like most bands with one big song, they actually have other great songs -- songs that are even better than the big hit.

Take for example, Shocking Blue's 1968 single "Send Me A Postcard." It's some prime '60s rock 'n' roll, lead by the soaring pipes of the late Mariska Veres. For a band with this much pop charm, "Send Me A Postcard" features some heavy, distorted electric guitar crunch -- the kind that would make any early metalhead proud. Plus, it sounds like it's a song just one click away from psychedelic bliss, and it's all the more exciting because of it. Hear it below.

I first heard "Send Me A Postcard" in Anthill Films' 2012 mountain bike documentary Strength In Numbers. I'm big into biking these days, so it was just the most beautiful, awesome, and enjoyable thing to witness. I highly recommend checking the film out. Check out the scene featuring "Send Me A Postcard" below.

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