Thursday, August 16, 2012

LISTEN: Cemeteries - "The Wilderness"

MP3: Cemeteries - "The Wilderness"

The illusory things once seemed so harmless, and yet now, at times, they feel more real and discomforting than the reality you're trying to escape. Instead of an oasis, your safe haven is nothing more than a rickety treehouse caught in between the shades of gray that decorate the ominous sky. But you remind yourself that "real" is nothing but an adjective, not an absolute. You begin to realize that fear is not an obstacle but rather a compass for how things will shape up and come to pass.

Cemeteries take a feeling of detachment and make it sound like bliss, weaving it into a eerie but increasingly soothing and welcoming dream pop soundscape. The spacious reverb and distant, almost pastoral, tone make the black hole of the night seem less like a vacuum and more like a canvas for the imagination.

Cemeteries is the project of Buffalo, NY's Kyle Reigle. "The Wilderness" is from Cemeteries' new album, The Wilderness, out October 23rd on Lefse Records. Pre-order it here.


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