Monday, August 27, 2012

LISTEN: Angelica's Elegy - "When You're Sleep"

Photo by Benedikte Olsen

And while you'd like to think that sleeping is the only place you are at peace, it's only a vacation from reality. So as you age, you work to find that balance between youthful bliss in innocence and optimistic maturity. Things change, and, in turn, so do you, but no one ever said you had to stop dreaming. But never forget to pause and reflect: are the dreams that entertain you in your sleeping hours an escape, or simply a reflection of what is and what could be?

I've always been a sucker for Europeans doing the whole dream pop-meets-shoegaze thing, in much the same way that I believe anything sung in a non-American accent sounds a great deal more compelling. Take for example Norway band Angelica's Elegy and their song "When You're Asleep." It's an airy but propulsive track that calls to mind the spacey rock of Doves. With the distant wail of a guitar riffs drowning in a sea of reverb and cymbals crashing over a fairly energetic, sharp beat, it's a relaxed piece without drifting too far off into its beautiful atmosphere.

"When You're Asleep" is from Angelica's Elegy's new EP, Cognitive Dissonance. It is out today on Spotify and Itunes. A 10” vinyl is out next week.

Angelica's Elegy

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