Monday, July 23, 2012

REVIEW: Conveyor - Conveyor

Conveyor - Conveyor

There are a lot of bands residing in Brooklyn, but there aren’t too many that stick out like Conveyor. After an EP and a handful of singles, the New York quartet just released their eponymous debut album. It’s the sound of bedroom pop having a playdate with worldbeat as Grandaddy and Animal Collective records spin in the background. More simply, it’s a fun and adventurous affair.

Underneath the layers of percussion, oscillating synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars, and pristine vocal harmonies lays a youthful verve, instilling Conveyor’s sound with a subtle, alluring contrast between the simplicity of innocence and the intricacy of emotion. The former tends to play out on the surface of things while the latter is defined by the underlying, intertwined layers of instruments; Conveyor have a simplistic face, but it’s more involved the deeper you go. And really, that’s where the band’s charm is found. Instead of beating you over the head with heavy vignettes and overly emotional vocals, Conveyor manage to sound lighthearted and earnest.

Over 11 tracks, Conveyor seamlessly tie together pastoral folk, hints of space rock’s distant embrace, worldbeat’s lively spirit and percussive eclecticism, and the flawless vocal arrangements of ‘50s and ‘60s pop music. Album opener “Woolgatherer” is an afro pop/indie pop fusion that snares the ear through a rhythmic interplay between drums and vocal harmonies. The ambitious “Right Sleep” starts with a rolling beat that fades into a massive, reverb-drenched instrumental that’s just as beautiful as it is vast; it’s the sound of drifting from the reality of consciousness into the reality of dreams. The absolutely stunning “Mukraker” is a relaxed affair that’s utterly captivating in mood, especially in its final measures with the addition of hushed horns underneath a shimmering surface of cymbals.

Conveyor is a strong debut, one that stands as a pretty memorable introductory statement – and they’re nearly there in carving out a sound they can completely call their own. Even so, they’ve already proven an impressive maturity with both their orchestration and songwriting. By striking a balance between playful and profound, Conveyor have created a place where there is no line between dreams and reality. It's the sound of bliss, even in the dark. True to their name, Conveyor can take you away.

Conveyor is out now on Paper Garden Records. Pick it up here.