Monday, July 09, 2012

LISTEN: Bravestation - Giants & Dreamers

Once upon a time, this guy in the UK e-mailed about some Canadian band with a simple name. That band was Bravestation. As I do with submissions, I did my best to take a second to check them out. Fast forward two years, and I'm still keeping tabs on Bravestation's progression. Why? Well, while you can pick out their influences (e.g. Foals, Wild Beasts, etc.), they're one of the few acts I've had the pleasure of covering who are trying to distinguish themselves, always pushing forward to a new direction. And what's more impressive, they've managed to maintain their identity along this sonic evolution, experimenting just enough to challenge expectations and the boundaries of their prior output. They're some friendly Canadians, but also uniquely gifted musicians. A formal review is on the way, just as soon as I dig myself out of this mess I call an inbox.

Bravestation's debut LP, Giants & Dreamers, is out tomorrow. Hear the whole thing below. Someone (I apologize as I forget who you are!) brought up Peter Gabriel when describing Bravestation's current sound. I'd add to that and say Giants & Dreamers sounds like Peter Gabriel conducting a Foals and Wild Beasts collaboration: it's the sound of post-punk's adventurous edge and dream pop's aural hypnosis.


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