Friday, June 08, 2012

PREMIERE: Bard & Mustache - 'Bitter Painter' EP

Today, I'm honored to share with you Bard & Mustache's new EP, Bitter Painter, in its entirety. Unless someone ripped it and threw it online somewhere before this post was made, this is the only place you can currently hear Bitter Painter online. It was first released into the world last week at the duo's show at The Windup Space in Baltimore. So, for those of you who missed that show or the one in Monteclair, NJ this past Friday, here is the EP in all its glory. I highly recommend checking it out. When you compare where Bard & Mustache (vocalist/guitarist Erin Murphy and vocalist/cellist Greg Bortnichak) were musically on their most recent EP, Found, Bitter Painter sounds like a reinvented band in a number of ways, or rather, a band that has matured very beautifully. And when you consider this is just a rough idea of where Greg and Erin are headed on their forthcoming debut album (due next year), it's a pretty awe-inspiring listen.

Bard & Mustache's music has always been predicated on the relationship between this couple. And while nothing they have released to this point has been bad by any means, it's remarkable to document the evolution and improvement of their sound -- from charming alternative folk numbers to enrapturing experimental folk; their music has gone from being charming indie folk to haunting, gorgeous, encompassing, and intense experimental folk with a sturdy pop backbone. But what makes Bard & Mustache stand out even more these days isn't simply the fact that they've grown as songwriters, it's due to the fact that they've become increasingly adept at conveying the emotional connection both share with one another. As their music has matured, their love has only intensified -- and it's hard not to hear, or even feel, that when you listen to Bitter Painter. So, when it all comes down to it, this is about as honest and real a band can be with a listener. This is a 3D conveyance of mind, body, heart, and soul distilled down to three of the most wonderful songs. Sure, this all may sound relatively dramatic or heavy-handed, but it's really not that at all -- it's beautiful.

MP3: Bard & Mustache - "More Where That Came From"

Special thanks to Bard & Mustache for the opportunity to offer Bitter Painter for listening exclusively (for now) on Mixtape Muse.

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