Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Zealand's Opossum Releasing Debut, Download "Blue Meanies" Now

Photo by Owen Behan

This past weekend, I happened to discover a small little pack of opossums living underneath my back deck (true story). They were...oh sorry, wrong opossum write-up. This particular Opossum is a band from New Zealand, has a lot less hair, is significantly bigger, and happens to make spacey, '60s psych-tinged pop. The band is helmed by Kody Nielson, formerly of The Mint Chicks and occasional touring member of Unknown Mortal Orchestra (he also happens to be the brother of UMO's Ruben Nielson). Opossum's debut LP, Electric Hawaii, will be released through Fire Records on August 7th. Hear and download first single "Blue Meanies" below.

Electric Hawaii Tracklist
1. Girl 
2. Fly 
3. Blue Meanies 
4. Getaway Tonight 
5. Watchful Eye 
6. Why Why 
7. Cola Elixir 
8. Electric Hawaii 
9. Outer Space 
10. Inhaler Song

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