Monday, June 25, 2012

LISTEN: Me & This Army - "You"

Full disclosure, I've known 2/3rds of Me & This Army for around eight years or so through the local music scene. I used to play shows with singer/guitarist Courtney Hargrove and drummer Jonathan "Finn" Burrier's various bands, so it's fair to say I've truly seen their progression, or evolution, as musicians. Along with bassist Nicholas Pollione, Hargrove's once solo, acoustic-based project has gradually blossomed into a powerhouse of a rock trio -- as evidenced by their latest single "You."

MP3: Me & This Army - "You"

Courtney has always sung from the gut with a well of conviction, and "You" is one of the finest examples of her strength as a singer -- she's smooth but raw with emotion. What's more, I've always found her songs to toy with standard pop formulas, whether it be with pacing or with chord construction. And while she manages to challenge herself as a songwriter, she never loses grasp of what makes her songs so successful: sincerity through compelling pop melodies. As for Finn's drumming, I can honestly say he's one of nicest and most talented drummers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Live, this guy is a beast on the drums, one of those performers who plays with every drop of energy as if he's playing for his life -- you can tell that drumming is what keeps his heart beating. I don't know bassist Nicholas Pollione, but having seen Me & This Army live a few times, I can say that he's a very wise bassist. Instead of simply adding the low end foundation for the guitar, he works with the negative space around Courtney's riffs and chord progressions helping to mold the band's sound into something more detailed, commanding, and exciting. Together, these three friends are well on their way to crafting a record that stands out in the world of modern rock, or alternative rock. So many bands come and go in these aforementioned genres, but I'd like to think that Me & This Army will continue to mature and get bigger, not because their sound is able to appeal to the masses but because they are all so passionate, genuine, and committed. Me & This Army is the sound of having confidence in yourself before anyone else, realizing your full potential as an individual while discovering the infinite happiness that comes with being proud of who you are. Nothing is more powerful than a confident soul.

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