Thursday, May 03, 2012

We Can't Enjoy Ourselves Releasing New Album, Download New Song

We Can't Enjoy Ourselves, the New York band lead by Giovanni Saldarriaga, have a new album on the way that, by all accounts, has been a long time coming. If you didn't catch the boat last time around, don't miss their new album, Make A Mess of Sacred Ground, out next week. Until then, download and listen to the album's first single below.

MP3: We Can't Enjoy Ourselves - "Devil In the Old Folks Home" 

Somewhere between David Byrne, The Smiths, and Belle & Sebastian you'll find that devil in the old folks home. If there's one thing We Can't Enjoy Ourselves have continually proved, it's that their brand of '50s rock 'n' roll-indebted indie pop is consistently well-crafted and compelling. There's something particularly appealing about the heartbreak and melancholy of relationships turning into incredibly agreeable, almost desirable, things when paired with music that's sharp, upbeat, melodious, and oh so catchy.

We Can't Enjoy Ourselves

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