Wednesday, May 02, 2012

LISTEN: Howth - 'Newkirk'

Minnesota/New Jersey/Oregon five piece Howth released their debut album, Newkirk, yesterday through Mecca Lecca Records. It's a 10-song collection of spacious, mellow, surging, melodious folk and rock that rings pure and rich like the sunlight pouring through the chill, damp air floating in the dawn. The Brooklyn-based band intertwine the warmth and intimacy of folk, the comforting sincerity of Americana, the ghostly spirit of psych, and the tenacity of indie rock to craft something that falls in line with the band's own label of "Loud Space Folk." Newkirk plays out like a rollercoaster ride, starting off slow and gentle but gradually reaching a point where it blasts into something pretty momentous.

Oddly enough, Newkirk is named after songwriter Carl Creighton's roommate Jesse Newkirk who happens to be a member of Steel Phantoms, a band I've covered in the past.

MP3: Howth - "Wind Blows Cold"

And the whole thing...

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