Friday, March 16, 2012

LISTEN: The Moth & The Mirror - 'Honestly, This World'

Glasgow sextet The Moth & The Mirror craft what could almost be described as mini operas. It's not that their songs are especially dramatic or rather ostentatious, but they are certainly just as impressive and powerful due to their ambition and scale. Ok, so "opera" is really a poor descriptor or point of reference, but it certainly hints at the band's willingness to create something bigger than themselves. The Moth & The Mirror clearly know how to create songs that are expansive, detailed, dynamic, and utterly beautiful. They're one of the few bands I've heard as of late that's capable of rising above the confines of formulaic song structure and construction, moving more towards orchestral arrangements without losing the charm of pop. Songs from their latest album Honestly, This World such as "Everyone I Know," "Boxes," and "Honestly, This World" can feel more like listening to, or rather experiencing, a movie rather than a track off of an album.

Check out a few standout tracks from Honestly, This World below.

If you dug those, give the whole album a spin below.

The Moth & The Mirror
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