Thursday, February 23, 2012

WHAT'S YOUR MUSE? Bard & Mustache

It's time for another edition of "What's Your Muse?"

The concept is simple: We ask a band/artist to choose a song that means a lot/the most to them. Then, they record and send us a video of themselves describing why they chose the song. Think of it like a collaborative video mixtape project.

In this edition, we hear from Bard & Mustache.

Photo by Scott Braun

Sarasota duo Bard & Mustache (cellist Greg Bortnichak of The Sparta Philharmonic and vocalist/guitarist Erin Murphy of The Equines, respectively) recently released their Found EP on Valentine's Day -- fitting since the duo is also a couple. Mixtape Muse had the opportunity to premiere both a live performance and interview with Bard & Mustache on the very same day, which was, altogether, almost too apropos. Bortnichak and Murphy share a bond of love that's rather indescribable, but, lucky for us listeners, it's something we can experience and see firsthand. Love is what their band seems predicated on, or, at the very least, strongly inspired by.

Bard & Mustache have their roots in DIY music scenes -- Erin's started in Florida while Greg's started in New Jersey. From there, both of these musicians have cultivated a very passionate and creative outlook on music, and it becomes clear the more you see them perform that they are two of the richest people in the world -- not just because of the love they share but because they have the ability and opportunity to play music as a part of their lives. With their folk face and undertones of rock, orchestral pop, jazz, and soul, Bard & Mustache freely, and seamlessly, travel in any musical direction their collective heart desires. From their debut Falcor's Burning Belly to Found, the duo have matured quite well together musically and only seem to be getting better.

For their "What's Your Muse?" submission, Bortnichak and Murphy chose an old 1959 hit that's been covered and used in movies/TV extensively -- and also appears as the closer on Found. But despite its prevalence in popular culture, they make the song their own, performing it with so much earnestness, and empathy, that you'd think they'd written it autobiograpically. On Valentine's Day, the band performed at the venue where they first met, and videographer Gabe Hernandez was there to beautifully capture the group's performance of the song. The chemistry here is hard to miss. Yes, we've come full circle. Just look at, and hear, all the magic that happened last Tuesday!

Opening interview sequence by Steve McFadden and Erin Murphy
Live performance filmed by Gabe Hernandez.

Check out the original below.

Phil Phillips - "Sea of Love"

Check out and download Found below.

Bard and Mustache
Official Site

Big thanks to Gabe Hernandez & Steve McFadden.

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