Wednesday, February 08, 2012

SEE & HEAR: Little Racer - "Split For the Coast" + "The Town"

Little Racer was, like many things, something I missed last year. The Brooklyn trio released a few singles at the tail end of 2011, the most recent being the "Split For the Coast"/"The Town" single. If you're anything like me, you'll be shaking your head for a while after you hear these songs, frustrated that you're just hearing them now in the second month of 2012. While it seems like every band under the sun is sprouting out of Brooklyn, Little Racer, after just a few songs, seem to be onto something worth repeated listens. Mixing the carefree cool and verve of surf rock, the charm of '60s pop, the energetic roll of garage rock, and vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys (if they were more of a garage rock band), their songs are effortlessly infectious while still sounding somewhat adventurous ("The Town" is built around the sound of bossa nova). And while there are plenty of bands working that whole '50s/'60s-style harmonies over sharp garage rock thing, Little Racer are dynamic with their approach, seeming just as interested in melody and harmony as they are with instrumental and stylistic shifts.

Little Racer - "Split For the Coast"

Little Racer - "The Town"

Check out the video for "The Town" below. It features a clever use of projectors and the blurred line between dreams and memories.

The "Split For the Coast"/"The Town" 7" single is currently available through Young and Lost Club. Pick it up here or download it on iTunes here.

Little Racer

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