Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bard & Mustache Live Performance & Interview: A Real Valentine's Day Treat

Greg Bortnichak and Erin Murphy are two of the finest human beings I've had the pleasure of meeting, part of the reason why their existence as Bard and Mustache is all the more special. Aside from being incredibly talented musicians and proponents, and torchbearers, of Sarasota's burgeoning music scene, Greg and Erin are a couple. There've been plenty of relationships in music throughout the ages that have resulted in some great duets/duos, but there's something particularly lovely about the bond between these two musicians -- something that thrives and reveals itself through their music. It seems only fitting that I've the distinct pleasure and honor of sharing and debuting a live performance and interview with Bard and Mustache -- a perfect post to share on this Valentine's Day holiday.

But before we get to that interview and performance, it must also be mentioned that the duo is re-releasing their most recent EP, Found, today to coincide with a performance tonight at Davenport, FL venue The Shamrock Pub, the place where these two first met.

Whether it's talking about music or performing, it's hard to miss the chemistry between Greg and Erin. One of the two (I won't say who) describes their relationship as cosmic for how things unfold when they're together, and that connection is part of the reason Bard and Mustache's music is something predicated on unity, wit, support, and, most of all, love.

"Your Face" Live


"Your Face" was a part of Happy Birthday, the latest entry in our mixtape series. You can download that mixtape (for free) right here.

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