Monday, January 02, 2012

SEE & HEAR: Conveyor - "Mukraker" (You Must Watch This Video)

Mixtape alums Conveyor recently released a new single entitled "Mukraker," which, for some odd reason, I hoped had some connection to "Moonraker" (it doesn't). What it is though is a rather spellbinding track that capitalizes on the band's ability to craft gentle yet powerful songs -- songs that, despite their perceived mood, tend to feel like reliable pick-me-ups.

Conveyor - "Mukraker"


With beautiful vocal harmonies resting against a mix of acoustic guitar, subtle synthesizer, and the soft beat of kick/tom drums, "Mukraker" sounds quite celestial. As it transitions into an instrumental break with glistening synthesizers, horns, and crashing cymbals that descend, or rather ascend, into a pool of reverb, you really start to believe that Conveyor chose the right band name to summarize their sound. A "conveyor" is defined as "a person or thing that transports or communicates something." I'd argue that this is what this Brooklyn band does best.

"Mukraker" on record not cutting it for you, or are you jonesing for your fix of the Conveyor mix? Then I HIGHLY recommend you watch this live performance of the song, filmed by Breakthru Radio.

"Mukraker" is from Conveyor's forthcoming LP, due later this year. You can hear and download (for free) their debut EP, Sun Ray, below.

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