Tuesday, December 06, 2011

WATCH: Low Roar - "Give Up" // HEAR: Low Roar - "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"

Iceland's Ryan Karazija (ex-Audrye Sessions) performs and records under the name Low Roar, which is a rather fitting name for how his music quietly knocks you off your feet. He recently released his eponymous debut as Low Roar, and, I must admit, after two songs it's slowly becoming one of my favorite releases of 2011. Check out those two tracks below.

"Give Up" is a rather poignant piece, especially for how the gentle acoustic character of the song interacts with the visuals. It's a snapshot of a man who seems incredibly lonesome, but also of a man who hasn't lost all traces of hope or happiness. Beautiful stuff all around.

Hear another track from Low Roar's self-titled debut below. It's quite the, well, epic.

Low Roar - "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"

If you wanted a real haunting beauty, this would be it. It's electronic blips, hisses, clicks, rolling percussion, and random assortment of other white noises add texture, but it's really the low drone of the synthetic strings and synthesizer that lie beneath all of this that pull you deep down inside. It's dark, yes, but in the kind of way pitch black nights seem less chilling and frightful with the spotlight of the moon hanging high overhead; awe erases fear and excitement hides worry.

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Low Roar
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