Monday, October 03, 2011

LISTEN: Miracles of Modern Science - "Tensity" + "Eating Me Alive"

Miracles of Modern Science sounds like the moniker for some great, obscure indie pop band from, I don't know, Scotland or some Midwest American town -- at least to me. Anyways, my initial assumption was completely obliterated, in the best way possible, when I discovered that Miracles of Modern Science is actually a five-piece, orchestral pop/indie rock band from Brooklyn which features nothing but stringed instruments. And while that might sound fairly normal, it's rather exciting, and unexpectedly great, to discover that those stringed instruments are cello, double bass, violin, and mandolin. Yes, there's a drum kit, but other than that, no guitars or anything of that nature -- and it works so well.

It goes without saying that Miracles of Modern Science's approach to music is creative and refreshing. Generally, in the context of indie rock/indie pop/etc., guitar or keyboard -- or something generally classified under rock music -- plays a key role. But when you listen to Miracles of Modern Science, you don't even notice that there are no guitars, not even bass guitar, bringing these songs to life -- and you won't miss those instruments either. The band demonstrates the limitless potential of string instruments, instruments that many tend to relegate to the fields of classical, bluegrass, and/or folk music. Miracles of Modern Science are infectious, inventive, and a whole lot of fun; they exhibit the beautiful grace of an orchestra wrapped in the energetic spirit of indie pop.

Miracles of Modern Science - "Tensity"

Miracles of Modern Science - "Eating Me Alive"

"Tensity" and "Eating Me Alive" are from Miracles of Modern Science's forthcoming LP Dog Year.

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