Thursday, September 08, 2011

SEE & HEAR: Wye Oak - "Holy Holy"

Earlier this year, Baltimore's own Wye Oak released one of the best albums of the year with Civilian. It's now September, and it still seems people are sleeping on it. C'mon.

Anyways, one of the best tracks off of the album entitled "Holy Holy" recently received the music video treatment. For however uplifting, or affirming, their music can be, the most alluring thing about Wye Oak's sound is the beautiful shades of melancholy that ebb and flow throughout. "Holy Holy" is one of the more upbeat songs on Civilian, and it's nice to see that director Jeremy Johnstone kept the balance of light and dark in the song by setting the video in an amusement park/the boardwalk (what appears to be our state's own Ocean City Boardwalk) as well as through the use of a slightly washed out tone/coloration. A fun and wonderfully executed video...

Director: Jeremy Johnstone
Production Company: Red Productions
Producer: Greg Beauchamp
Co-Producer: Andrés Cardona
Director of Photography: Andrés Cardona
Assistant Camera: Danny Pereira
Editor/Colorist: Jeremy Johnstone

Wye Oak - "Holy Holy"

I remember seeing them perform this song live at an in-store performance the day Civilian was released -- and boy was it a memorable one. What's striking is the vulnerability that details the almost plaintive verses; Jenn Wasner's guitar recedes and crashes like a tidal wave, bookmarking her personal reflections. The burst of open power chords that wraps up the song sounds incredibly freeing, as if Wasner's no longer shy about holding back what she feels; it's almost like an indirect proclamation that it's okay to let it out and let go.

Civilian is out now on Merge Records. Pick it up here.

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