Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bard and Mustache Release New EP, Download New Song "Your Face" + Tour Dates

Sarasota, FL alternative folk rock duo Bard and Mustache (Greg Bortnichak and Erin Murphy, respectively) self-released their sophomore EP, Found, today. They also just kicked off their Kickstarter-funded "Autumnal Equinox Tour" yesterday. Hear and download a cut from Found and scope their tour dates below.

Bard and Mustache - "Your Face"

Mr. Bard and Ms. Mustache have matured quite nicely since last year's Falcor's Burning Belly EP. "Your Face" starts with jazz-like, understated confidence, anchored by Bortnichak's cello-as-bass groove. Murphy's voice yearns with a sweet inflection; she sounds all the more tender and charming supported by the creative, dynamic cello arrangements. It all starts on one plain and floats on to higher ground.

Found Tracklisting

1) Your Face
2) Meanwhile
3) Velvet
4) Cowboy Chords
5) Paper Mache
6) Sea of Love

Bard and Mustache Autumnal Equinox Tour

9/22/11 – Doylestown, PA – MOM’s with Sparta Philharmonic, Jonathan Badger
9/23/11 – Philadelphia, PA – Philly FM Fest @ TLA (as Sparta Philharmonic) with Silverstein
9/24/11 – Montclair, NJ – An Ambient Night @ Gallery U with Jonathan Badger, True Key, an Endless Register
9/25/11 – Cleveland, OH – the Barking Spider Tavern
9/26/11 – Chicago, IL – Pancho’s with the Damn Choir, King Mary
9/27/11 – Minneapolis, MN – the Kitty Cat Club, 315 14th Ave SE
9/29/11 – Iowa City, IA – Public Space One, 129 E. Washington St (basement of the Jefferson building)
9/30/11 – St. Louis, MO – the Gargoyle with Baths, US English, 6465 Forsyth Blvd (basement of the Mallinckrodt Center)
10/2/11 – New Orleans, LA street busking
10/3/11 – New Orleans, LA - Mudlark Theatre
10/6/11 – St. Pete, FL - Fubar

Bard and Mustache
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