Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DOWNLOAD: Mixtape Muse's August 2011 Mixtape

The day has finally arrived. You can now download our first ever mixtape, simply titled "August 2011 Mixtape" -- because any title I came up with past that just sounded like I was trying too hard. Enjoy!

Generally, I try to create mixes centered around a single theme, but this one's more about sharing some great tracks. There is a bit of a dreamy chill that runs through some of these songs, specifically the more ethereal/shoegaze/post-rock-oriented tracks. Maybe it was just my subconscious attempting to soundtrack the transition from the warmth of summer to the chill of fall. From Cities Aviv's sharp flow picking up steam atop the Depeche Mode-sampling beat of "Die Young" to the washed out, tidal wave of crunch in Serfs' "Spaces" to the warm, melancholic glow of Flora Fauna's "November," I'd like to think this mixtape has a little bit of everything, and, by extension, something for everyone.

1) UV Tourist - “Traveling Salesman”
From Turn On the Pyramid

2) Cities Aviv – “Die Young”
From Digital Lows

3) Serfs – “Spaces”
From the Slavery 7”

4) HANDS IN – “Moment Of Life”
From Boaring

5) Appetite – “Warn Me, Right”
From Scattered, Smothered, Covered

6) Allfits – “Viaje de amor con Álvaro”
From Sea horse

7) KNESSET – “Bitter Hearts”
From Coming of Age

8) Bethan – “Vague”
From Chapter 1:

9) SNOWMINE – “This One”

10) Drop Electric – “Bankrolled Homini”
From Finding Color In The Ashes

11) Flora Fauna – “November”
From Mnemonic

12) Masa Lowe – “Clinic”

More on the artists

UV Tourist
Cities Aviv
Drop Electric
Flora Fauna
Masa Lowe

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