Thursday, February 17, 2011

MP3: Wye Oak - "Civilian"

Until roughly a week or so ago, I was completely unaware that Baltimore's own Wye Oak had completed their third album, and had it set for release on March 8th through Merge (City Slang overseas). Singer/guitarist Jenn Wasner explains the songs on the album “are, as a whole, about aloneness (the positive kind), loneliness (the horrible kind), moving on, and letting go (of people, places, and things).” As for the album's title, Civilian, Wasner says, “this collection of songs is called Civilian because I believe everyone wants to be normal, but no one truly is.” Touche, touche. Hear the title track below.

MP3: Wye Oak - "Civilian"
via City Slang's Blog

Wye Oak once again prove that it only takes two people to create something truly great and monumental in scope. Jenn Wasner's soulful voice can penetrate the coldest of souls with its almost shy yet confident inflection and sultry tone. It's a voice that can measure up, and even soar above, the commanding presence of the band's evocative, entrancing sound. From humble beginnings, the song progresses into a euphoric wall of sound as Wasner's guitar lines harmonize and fight one another over keyboardist/drummer Andy Stack's foundation of rolling percussion and subtle but striking organ. And don't even get me started on those background vocals in the break. If you don't find yourself swept away by those, then damn.

See a live performance of "Civilian" after the hop.

BUY: Pre-order Civilian on Amazon, Amazon MP3, iTunes, direct from Merge (US), or direct from City Slang (Europe).

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luc said...

thank you for posting this

Quinn S. said...

Glad you're digging it, Luc. Thank YOU for stopping by the site!

clutchSnow said...

WOW WOW WOW.... Amazing.... so looking forward to driving up to Athens from the ATL to see you all at the 40 watt. Soooo Inspired by your duo... Beautiful an awwwwwww Inspired. THANK you THANK you... Caught u on Jimmy Fallon recently, just Awesome! Peace Scott