Monday, February 07, 2011

LISTEN: Pregnant

Pregnant - "Uphill Divination"

Pregnant - "Tribe"

Daniel Trudeau of Placerville, California is Pregnant. No, he's not pregnant, but he's the man behind this acid-tinged, glitchy electro indie pop meets afropop meets musique concrète project. And while Trudeau might not literally be pregnant, Pregnant's latest album Regional Music is characterized by a sort of womb-like kineticism. The music here never becomes overcomplicated, but it manages to possess a buzzing yet meditative ambiance, much like the womb carries and nourishes a new developing life. At first listen, Pregnant seems rather straightforward despite the music's hyperactive face, but, upon further inspection, it's clear that the collage of sounds used to produce each song was carefully dreamt up and realized.

Watch a interview/live performance piece with Pregnant after the hop.

Recorded 11.13.10 for
Sacramento / Placerville, CA
Visual: Sean Stout
Audio: Robby Moncrief

BUY: Pick up Pregnant's Regional Music here, out now on Life's Blood.

Official Site
Life's Blood

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