Wednesday, January 26, 2011

VIDEO PREMIERE: powerdove - "Sickly City"

Annie Lewandowski (aka powerdove) epitomizes the word "haunting" with such sparse instrumentation on powerdove's debut album, Be Mine. Over a patchwork of twinkling chimes and bells, sustained woodwind notes, swells and scratches of cymbals, and more, Lewandoski gently plucks her acoustic guitar as her voice soars and melts into the heart and mind. It's the simplicity of the music that emphasizes the impact of her enchanting, intimate delivery. The music is inescapable; Lewandoski sounds as though she's playing directly at your ear. It can be beautiful or eerie and everything in between.

Today, Mixtape Muse is proud to have the privilege and opportunity to premiere the new video for Be Mine's "Sickly City." It's a track that toys with, in an indirect way, the contrast between (re)birth and destruction, perfectly illustrated by the video's use of public domain footage documenting the demolition of New York's Star Theater. The way the music and visuals complement one another makes this video a must-see.

BUY: Be Mine is out February 15th through Circle Into Square. Purchase it at Amazon or Amazon MP3.

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