Thursday, October 28, 2010

LISTEN: Teletextile

MP3: Teletextile - "What If I"
MP3: Teletextile - "I Don't Know How To Act Here"

Teletextile, creation of multi-instrumentalist Pamela Martinez (vocas, harp, piano, violin, guitar), makes music with such immense depth. I feel as though I could listen to these songs many, many times and still always find something new stitched into their sonic fabric. With Teletextile, Martinez proves to be a thoughtful, inventive arranger, one that never learned to pay attention to limitations, or boundaries -- and thank goodness she didn't. Working with primary band members Caitlin Gray (bass, guitar, vocals) and Luke Scheiders (drums, bells), Martinez takes Teletextile to exciting places, weaving a sound that's soulful, lush, infectious, and carries an air of mystique -- a sort of avant pop. Martinez says she sees music as a way to replicate the experience of dreaming, which isn't all that far off from what it feels like to listen to Teletextile. "Tele" refers to distance, and Teletextile certainly is taking big steps in a new direction, distancing themselves from contemporaries. By sewing a sound about as colorful as Joseph's technicolor dreamcoat, Teletextile is a rather fitting name for this exciting up-and-coming band.

"What If I" and "I Don't Know How To Act Here" are from Teletextile's brand new EP, Reflector. Aside from the core band of Martinez, Gray, and Scheiders, the EP features a number of other players including Brian Hamilton (Cymbals Eat Guitars), Anysley Powel (Tigercity, St. Vincent), Elliot Krimsky (Glass Ghost), and Dave Sheinkopf (The Subjects).

Reflector EP

Reflector EP Tracklisting
1) The Moment (intro)
2) I Don't Know How To Act Here
3) What if I
4) John
5) What if You

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