Wednesday, September 08, 2010

WHAT'S YOUR MUSE? Archeology

It's time for another edition of "What's Your Muse?" We missed the deadline this month, but we have a real treat for you below.

The concept is simple: We ask a band/artist to choose a song that means a lot/the most to them. Then, they record and send us a video of themselves describing why they chose the song. Think of it like a collaborative video mixtape project.

In this edition, we hear from Archeology.

Archeology is an indie folk quartet from Portland, OR. They sing with unrestrained spirit, embracing the emotions that charge their music. The band have folk roots, clearly evident on their latest album, Memorial. Raised in a strict Catholic setting as sons of preacher men, members Jason Davis and Daniel Walker bonded over a struggle with their religious faith. Together, they renounced this faith and left the church, finding their own faith in the healing powers of music.

Like Sea of Bees before them, Archeology goes the distance and actually performs the song they selected. It's a beautiful a cappella rendition of a classic song by one of America's greatest songwriters. The band's take is a soulful interpretation full of conviction and most definitely stunning on account of its hymnal beauty. It's especially moving with the natural sounds that underlie the band's harmonies. That might sound really vague or hard to understand, but it'll all make sense after you watch Archeology's "What's Your Muse?" submission after the jump.

Neil Young - "Harvest"

BUY: Pick up Archeology's latest album, Memorialhere digitally or here on CD.

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