Monday, August 09, 2010

UNDER THE COVERS: Chico Fellini Takes On Supertramp

Chico Fellini - "Breakfast In America" (Supertramp cover)
<a href="">BREAKFAST IN AMERICA by chico fellini</a>

Lexington, KY quartet Chico Fellini take this Supertramp classic and glam it up. The band pushes the boundaries of the song, incorporating additional instrumentation. It ends up sounding like a David Bowie/Roxy Music track rather than a song by a progressive British band. In the hands of Chico Fellini, "Breakfast In America" gets an edge to it and sounds rather sexual, only adding to its glam rock appeal.

Hear the original below, which someone on YouTube thought would be a good soundtrack for a montage of clips from the horror/sci-fi TV show, "Supernatural".

Chico Fellini Official Site
Chico Fellini @ Bandcamp
Chico Fellini @ MySpace

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