Thursday, July 15, 2010

VIDEO: Flying Lotus - "MmmHmm"

Well, you got funked up on Tuesday, and now it's time to go on a visual and mental odyssey. Check out the absolutely, trippy-epitomizing video for Flying Lotus' "MmmHmm". Whether you're floating through space, following a character through a level of "Mario" (yeah, the video game), watching an arrowhead cut through what looks like the world of Tron, or watching the man grow out of the virtual reality graphics, this Special Problems-directed video is one interesting piece of art.

So, as far as I can tell, this all took place in one special watermelon. Didn't it?

Man, I still need to check this album out. I've only heard great things, and this video certainly turns me on to the album even more.

Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma is out now on Warp Records. You can stream the whole album below and pick it up here.

player via Bleep

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