Friday, July 09, 2010

REVIEW: The Silver Seas - Chateau Revenge

The Silver Seas - Chateau Revenge!

I'll be honest, I've been waiting for this one. Since we reviewed "Another Bad Night's Sleep" back in June, I've just been excited to hear the whole product, with new band name included. 

The Silver Seas have a great idea going here. Besides the album opener of previous mention, there's a lot to be excited about in this sound. Chateau is a study in masterful hooks (shout out to Steely Dan!) with great transitions, fun rhythms, and sounds that are really easy on the ears. The instrumentation isn't too complicated, but it's carefully laid out, which makes all the difference on a pop rock album. Take "Somebody Said Your Name". There's vocal range, great vocal backgrounds on the chorus, good variation in rhythm and dynamics, and lyrics that aren't taking themselves too seriously. 

I like that that "Home and Dry," which is hidden in the middle of the album, is included to begin with. It's not the best track by any means, but it's an attempt from the band to show another side. Plus, they've worked a crafty little mandolin track in there with the acoustic rhythm guitar. I like that they can keep the sound tight and keep direction in the album, while still trying something that hasn't a very different feel than more upbeat rock tunes like "What's the Drawback?". 

Most of all, I want to congratulate the band for doing for me what Mujeres does for Max. This summer really hasn't been a good one for me as far as complicated and busy music is concerned. Sometimes I want to get all analytical and pick apart a tune and force myself to get inside a band's head, other times I'm looking for a feel-good package that's well-composed and has a little time and thought in it. When it's been so hot here in Baltimore, I'm a sucker for an easy-going rock album where I can just kick back and enjoy a cohesive sound. 

Chateau Revenge is out now on Cheap Lullabye.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE this record.

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Fantastic disc. Read my full review here: