Friday, July 09, 2010

LISTEN: The Honest Sounds of Stuart Newman

Stuart Newman - "Oscar"
<a href="">Oscar by Stuart Newman</a>

Stuart Newman - "Head Hurts" (Studio Demo)
<a href="">Head Hurts by Stuart Newman</a>

There's a raw honesty in Stuart Newman's melancholic acoustic music that most people tend to hide deep inside themselves. We're all vulnerable in some way or another, but we usually try to mask our fears and weaknesses. Newman sings with a wounded tone -- at times nearly in a whisper -- that assumes a certain strength, exposing that which lies deep in his heart and mind. It's a sound that expresses the most sincere human emotions. He is humble but brave to share such vulnerable and honest music.

"Oscar" is from Newman's Single But Defective, available here.

"Head Hurts" is from a collection of studio demos for Newman's second album. More available here.

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