Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LISTEN: Music from In Every Room!

No one's trying to say that the Baltimore music scene trumps Brooklyn (indeed, the hippest borough is practically unrivaled in its indie output). However, there's so much happening here, and Charm City lays claim to some unrivaled musical/visual acts, not limited to Dan Deacon, Beach House, Spank Rock and Animal Collective.

And their influence is prevalent in different neighborhoods all over the city. The young and promising trio In Every Room (who are MICA based, that's Maryland Institute College of Art for all those unfamiliar) have clearly borrowed a lot from Wham City and Animal Collective, but they've done a good job at remaining true to their own sound while drawing heavily on these influences.

When it comes to AC in particular, I've got to give it up to In Every Room. They have something that the ever-popular and mysterious Collective do not: a great female voice in Amy Reid. First listens to "EMM E GEE" and "Celebration" will probably make you think about Feels, but give them some more time and there's a certain innocence to IER that some indie acts are lacking.

Inside of drum and synth loops and ever-present reverb, this innocence takes precedence, giving both "Celebration" and "EMM E GEE" a more unique and fun flavor than the at-times weighty and lengthy tracks from Animal Collective. There is an air of exploration in this music which offers a lot of promise. In Every Room is a trio ready to explore themselves, and I honestly can't wait to hear where they take their sound.

MP3: In Every Room - "EMM E GEE"
MP3: In Every Room - "Celebration"

In Every Room are poised to release a new EP through Friends Records in August, and if you're in the area, the trio will hit the stage at Wham City's Artscape mimicry "Whartscape" on July 22.  

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Anonymous said...

Love them! Thank you for posting this, your review is dead on.